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The Resume Database service is provided to assist Sikh professionals around the world seek employment in the IT industry. Sikhs For Technology is collaborating with IT companies who actively search through our resume database for recruiting highly skilled IT professionals. Companies using this database will directly contact prospective candidates for screening and hiring. Please make sure that your resume format conforms to our Resume Template. Once you submit your resume you will receive an email confirmation which will include a password that will be required if you make updates to your resume in the future.

ONLY candidates who meet the following criteria must enter their resumes:
1. You must have completed your graduation degree.
2. Your education and experience must qualify you for a job in the IT field.

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Use the Resume Template to build your resume and then copy and paste your resume (in text format only) here   

Please note that resumes that do not conform to our template will be deleted from the database.

Please submit all comments regarding this site to webmaster@SikhsForTechnology.com.
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