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Sikhs For Technology is bringing together the Sikh communities of USA, Canada and Europe to spread scientific and technical education in the technologically under developed regions of India. In this direction, efforts have already started in Punjab and Chandigarh. Among the target region, we chose Punjab and Chandigarh first in order to test our plan and its implementation. Our mission is to help the youth in this region to participate in the global information technology revolution. Our goal is simple yet powerful. Students from surrounding villages and metropolitan cities of Punjab should have access to state-of-the-art computer hardware and software education. Our mission is accomplished by concentrating on THREE key short-term and long-term avenues of deployment:

  • Provide financial assistance in the form of interest free student loans to qualified needy candidates. Candidates can apply for financial aid by submitting a fully completed application form. Candidates will be screened on the basis of their qualifications and financial situation. Financial assistance is available for certified IT courses extending over six months to three years offered by Aptech, NIIT or Sikhs For Technology affiliated computer labs.

  • Deploy state-of-the-art hardware and software computer labs at strategic locations in Punjab so that they are easily accessible by a broad section of the population. This goes in line with our long-term vision of bringing the technical education of the youth in Punjab to a much higher level. The setup cost of the labs is fully funded by Sikhs For Technology. The labs are intended to be self-sufficient and therefore, the institutes responsible for managing the labs will fund the cost of maintaining them. Sikhs For Technology solicits request from schools, colleges and other institutes of Punjab who are interested in taking advantage of this program. Sikhs For Technology will provide all the hardware, software, manuals, courses and curriculum necessary to operate the labs. Besides setting up the labs we will also provide technical knowledge for maintenance and use of lab equipment.

  • Provide value-added services to students and professionals around the world. A Sikh professionals resume repository is being built with this goal in mind. Gradually we will be providing additional useful services.

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