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Sikhs For Technology is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in United States of America. The organization is a planned effort by the Sikh communities of USA, Canada and Europe for the purpose of providing scientific and technical education and employment services to the technologically under developed regions of India. Our efforts in this direction have already started in Punjab. Among the target states, we chose Punjab first in order to test our plan and its implementation. As our efforts prove successful we shall be encouraged to extend our mission to the neighboring states. Our mission is to empower the children and youth of Punjab with technology skills through basic, intermediary and advanced computer software and hardware training. This will be achieved by providing financial assistance to needy students for certified computer courses at reputed Institutes and by setting up state-of-the-art computer labs equipped with Internet access in strategic regions of Punjab. The labs are used to deliver current software and hardware computer courses that will help prepare students and graduates to enter the global information technology market and rapidly acquire employment.

For the past 50 years, Punjab has seen its economy grow mostly in the agricultural sector. As this sector of economy slows due to diminishing marginal returns from small farms, it becomes imperative that a substitute economic sector is established that will provide economic opportunities to both the current and future generations. Information Technology is the fastest growing economic sector in India and abroad. In an article in the November 27, 2000 edition of TIME magazine, the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. estimates that the number of jobs in India's software and IT-services sector will jump from 280,000 last year to 2.2 million by 2008. While the Punjab Government and other private institutes are taking aggressive steps to attract technology companies into Punjab, there is a strong need to help the local youth who do not have the financial or geographic advantage to participate in the IT revolution.

This is where Sikhs For Technology can play a critical role by preparing the young generation of Punjab to take on the global information technology opportunity. Through its financial assistance program and the state-of-the-art computer labs, Sikhs For Technology, will be able to reach not only the current young engineers and make them IT professionals within six to 12 months but also provide the children of Punjab an opportunity to learn basic and intermediate computer skills at an early age. In order to make an immediate impact, Sikhs For Technology is aggressively seeking to partner with private computer training institutes such as Aptech and NIIT and government institutes such as local colleges and universities in Punjab.

While it serves the education needs of the youth in Punjab and neighboring states, Sikhs For Technology also intends to set up a global network of Sikh professionals. In this respect, a community has been established to share ideas and discuss issues affecting Sikh professionals in the 21st century. To further enrich this community value-added services have been provided for the benefit of students and professionals around the world.

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