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Around the world Sikh youth and professionals are accomplishing remarkable success in their respective fields. The community page is dedicated to publish such accomplishments so that we all can rejoice and applaud them. If you have such events that you would like Sikhs For Technology to publish on this website then please contact us.

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Col. GB Singh was born and raised in Punjab and South Asia. After finishing his professional education he immigrated to USA in 1976. In 1979, he joined the United States Army as a commissioned officer. Today, he holds a rank of Colonel in the US Army and is stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He is a student of political India, Hinduism and Gandhi.

Jagdeep Singh Masoun became the first turbaned Sikh to be taken into the Canadian air force. Masoun, 24, whose family hails from the Jalandhar district of Punjab, has been conferred the Queen's Commission as a Second Lieutenant by Major Swen Raun. Masoun is now posted at 637 Arrow Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, in Burnaby, British Columbia province. He told The Link newspaper that he joined the air force as an officer's cadet in 1997 and later received the commission. Born in Vancouver, Masoun is the son of Sukhdev Singh Dardi and Balwinder Kaur, editor and publisher of "Sangharsh," a bi-weekly Punjabi newspaper. His father immigrated to Canada in 1974 from Dhirpur village near Jalandhar. Masoun is a trained air pilot and a computer expert. He has taught at his alma mater Douglas College and also handles the computer aspects of publishing "Sangharsh."

Barrister Rabinder Singh , who co-founded the Matrix chambers with Cherie Booth, has been charged with the highly sensitive task of monitoring Britain's visa system.

Baltej Singh Dhillon became the first Sikh Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer allowed to wear a turban.

Keerat Singh - The First Sikh Appointed to a Hayward, California Commission.

Canadian Sikh youth contribute in the act of humanity.

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